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Chris Sweetman 04-28-2011 06:05 AM

Matchbox Jeep Gladiator
Lesney "Matchbox" 1-75 series

Model: Jeep Gladiator J200 Townside Pick-up truck

Reference number: 71

Scale: 1:74th as quoted in Matchbox catalogues

Actual scale: 1:76th

Length: 67mm

Made in England

Matchbox Jeep Gladiator 71 1 by Chris*4, on Flickr

Matchbox Jeep Gladiator 71 4 by Chris*4, on Flickr

Matchbox Jeep Gladiator 71 7 by Chris*4, on Flickr

Just click on any image to see more information.

Thierry Accassat 04-29-2011 05:35 AM

beautiful truck ! I seek this car

Chris Sweetman 04-29-2011 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by Thierry Accassat (Post 3265)
beautiful truck ! I seek this car

Go for it Thierry! :)

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