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daisymacdonald 10-05-2010 12:04 PM

1960s Trucks
Hello all
I am designing a set for a play at Riverside Studios in London, and am looking to display some 60s die cast trucks and cars on some shelves on stage.
We have a very small budget, so was hoping someone kind hearted with a large collection might consider lending a few to Riverside for the duration of the play (3 weeks starting October 19th).
We will cover any costs incurred, and I can come to collect and return the items in question. We can draw up an agreement for care/handling of items, and an exact date of return.
I am looking for any trucks or cars, as long as they are cream, white, green, yellow or blue. Used/Loved items very much welcome.
We can also offer free tickets to the play at Riverside and a credit for you or your business in the program.

Chris Sweetman 10-07-2010 05:45 PM

Hi daisymacdonald

It may be better to buy some old loved die casts from a charity shop. This would be a cheaper option.

In any case I doubt if the audience would be able to distinguish between 1960's battered old toy cars and ones from the 1990's! And you never know your luck there may be some '60's toys at your local charity shop!

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