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R32Dave 07-31-2014 03:42 PM

Just starting out - few tips?
Hey folks from sunny(for now!) London UK...

I've recently started collecting 1:64 die cast cars and was looking for some strategic buying tips.
I am looking to build a collection over the next few years(I'm only a youngster at 33 ;) that can build in value over the long term. Having said that, I plan on having fun with it and don't want to lose sight of the fact I'm doing it because of my lifelong love of cars.
Looking at the tips out there, I was looking at starting by building up a collection of:
- Le Mans, Indy 500, Formula One winning cars.
- at same time focusing on a 'premium' brand - I've chosen Porsche, started collecting a couple of 356's and working my way through to present-day
- Buying the odd classic that catches my eye ;)

I know its a bit hit and miss and it is a fluid market but what are the best strategies to build a solid collection and find decent deals?
So far I've just been trawling the web for deep discounts(Minichamps,Brumm, Diecast Legends, Ixxo etc). Ebay looks pretty user friendly - is there benefit in watching Auction prices over a period of time to pick up deals?
My budget suggests that most of my purchases are between 10-40 price range. I would love to get hold of some of those more expensive ones but I just can't warrant spending the money on them(yet).
I chose the 1:43 scale purely for storage purposes.

Anyway, plenty of questions there - I'd really appreciate any feedback and guidance.



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