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Duncan 01-16-2015 11:57 AM

It's been a while since I've had anything new to show
Scale for these is 1:32. I thought they were kind of 'cool'.

1904 Buick Model B

1904 Cadillac Model B

56tbird 01-16-2015 12:35 PM

Very nice! I certainly wish they made things like that in 1:64. Thank you for posting those. By the way, who makes those?

Duncan 01-16-2015 02:13 PM

A company by the name of Arko. Don't know too much about the company but I do have a few other items from it. Not DM or FM by a long shot but they aren't all that expensive and seem to be pretty good for the price. Although, like most diecast companies, they've also batted a few out of the ballpark and batted out horribly on others.

56tbird 01-16-2015 08:57 PM

Wow. I may just be demonstrating my naiveté as a novice, but I had never heard of Arko Diecast models before, but when I Googled it I found they have a huge line of diecast models in many scales (except, unfortunately, for 1:64). They can be seen at:


A lot of nice diecast models, including many that you have posted.

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