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Cuda340 11-26-2010 10:50 AM

Hello all. Finally back up and running with the PC. Glad I found this forum. A little about myself, I'm old now (I guess, because I received my first info in the mail concerning the AARP), just turned the big 5-0, moved back to IL from a twelve year stint in NC about 4 years ago. And, had my first child at 49, he is just over a year old now. Finally an heir to my collecting! I've collected all kinds of diecast over the years, hotwheels red lines, diecast aircraft, HO model trains, matchbox, you name it, most in 1/64 and 1/72, and military surplus firearms ( I work for Simpson LTD collectors firearms here in IL). Never had the room for the BIG stuff. Most of my diecast collection I'd sold or given away over the last years. About 3 years ago a friend and I stopped at a Toy R Us and I spotted the M2 line of cars. The detail grabbed my attention immediately. At first it was only certain models I was interested in, Mopar stuff! Now though I've been trying to collect all the series and models. So here I am, chasing the things all over the place. They are proving to be hard to get. My small town stores don't have them often, and when they do get them a whole series or two have been skipped. Anyway, glad to be a member here and I will see you all on the forums! Greg.

citylimits 11-26-2010 04:59 PM

Welcome Greg.

I'm new here myself.

Those M2 models are almost life changing aren't they.


Cuda340 11-26-2010 09:12 PM

Hello Bruce,
Yes they are! The detail and overall quality of the M2 line is very nice for the scale. I've always been a gluten for small things with lots of fine detail. I also like the Greenlight diecast. The detail is good and I like how they will produce many of the same models in the different years, like the Plymouth Roadrunners and GTX's in 1968-70 body styles.
Thanks much for the Welcome! Greg.

Chris Sweetman 11-27-2010 06:06 PM

Hello Greg

Welcome to Forum 64 and please load up some of your collection images.

I don't have any M2 models yet. We have Toys R Us here in the UK but as yet they have never stocked this range.

Watch out Greg these miniatures are addictive!

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