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I very much enjoyed the images of cars from your collection. The two post-war Fords are favorites of mine - the 1946 maroon woody convertible and the 1949 woody station wagon (my first Ford from my birth year) - are nice examples of what Hot Wheels can do, although I could do without the surf board on the roof. I just purchased these two in a set this past week. Unlike you, however, I have not added any of the Disney Pixar vehicles to my collection.

I prefer models which depict 'stock' examples of the cars they represent, and tend to stay away from street rods, customized, or heavily modified examples. For this reason, models such as 'Muscle Machines' are not represented in my collection.

Your admonition to "Buy what you like, like what you buy, and never buy for investment" is very good advice, and a recommendation often heard in my other hobby of coin collecting. Certainly if one applies this philosophy in collecting diecast cars, they will not be disappointed when it comes time to sell. The 'return on investment' is found in the enjoyment while collecting, and in the appreciation of the cars while in your possession. That is perhaps why having our cars beautifully displayed is so important to most of us. If diecast cars do not appreciate much in value over time, then perhaps it is up to us to do the appreciating.

That is another significant difference between collecting diecast cars and collecting rare coins. Coin collectors would never dare to even have their coins at home, let alone prominently display them on shelves or in wall-mounted display cases. Security from theft is a constant consideration. Diecast cars, on the other hand, are somewhat larger than coins, individually, and they generally do not have the individual high values that coins do, so they are not as attractive targets as coins tend to be. For this reason, diecast collectors can feel a little more secure about having large and prominent displays of their cars in their homes, rather than be subjected to short, infrequent visits with their treasures in a bank vault.

I have numerous other comments and questions I would like to ask, but perhaps this "New Members" forum is not the proper place. I will post some comments in the 1/64 scale forum.
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