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First, you need a picture host like Photobucket or Flickr. I would suggest you keep this site open and open a new window to go to one of the hosting sites (once you start posting pictures it makes it a lot easier than constantly opening and closing between them). They are usually pretty good about walking you through setting yourself up an account and uploading pictures to their site. Once you have yourself set up and some pictures uploaded then:

Under each picture you should see four boxes, copy the contents of the last box.
Next, click back on your original window (this site, if you left it open), open the thread where you want to post the picture and paste it into your reply.
Now click the Preview Post button below and see how it looks. Once you have your picture/post the way you want it, hit the Submit Reply button.

btw, if you look at the menu bar above your post you will see a little icon depicting a mountain/sky/sun. That is the paste picture button. You can paste the contents from Photobucket in there and proceed, but I found you can do the same thing by just pasting your contents from Photobucket directly into your post.

Hope this helps.
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