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Default Greenlight 1955 Chevrolet 210 Handyman wagon

I'm a real fan of station wagons of all types, and pleased to see all the Greenlight releases.

Its a simple model, no opening features, the way I like them. So many of the M2 models were ruined in my opinion by poorly aligned opening doors. The 55 Chevy is real simple, chrome side trim is painted on but still looks good. If anything, minor as it is the trailer hitch is way too big, but needed in model form to be of the Greenlight Hitch and Tow series. I had a 1/1 wagon with a hitch, and I had to be real careful with driveways as with some it would dig in! The Greenlight hitch, would be a major issue for most driveways.

All in all, $4.99 well spent.

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