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Old 01-19-2010, 01:36 PM
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Lee Barr Lee Barr is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Naples Fl.
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Default Hello All.................

My name is Lee Barr and all around the net and various forums I'm better known as Airborn511.
I'm an obcessed diecast collector probably just like the majority of you here.
I started collecting in 2005 so I'm a relatively Nubee............
I started with 1/18 (Hi Paul) and 1/24,but to be truthful I bought anything
anywhere I was that had four wheels and sometimes only two wheels.At that time one could find 1/18 at many local stores like Wal=Mart,Toys-R-Us,local hobby stores,I'm sure alot of you remember those days...............
As my collection grew I spent many hours "DUSTING" waxing and polishing my coveted models..............
After a year or so I started thinking "Man,there has got to be more to do than dust these things every week"
Sooooooooo I got a camera and started takeing pictures of my cars.I started to search the forums and found the work of guys like David Milne,Mike DeTorrice as well as my beloved Patty Henderson and many others(Thanks Ya'll for being there).After many,many............many Clicks I have become somewhat capable of takeing a picture of a diecast car.....................................
Well now my collecting of diecast is done solely at apease my "pictur takeing"
As you can probably tell from my posts.
I must admit I have never been a car guy,I know where to stick the key and start it,if I have to open the hood I'm in trouble.

Well enough of me................
I'm really glad that The Zone has started a forum for 1/64 and I'm very happy that you guys and gals stop by from time to time..............

Thanks all...............

"Nothing small about 1/64"

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Old 04-06-2010, 05:00 AM
nikitenko.p nikitenko.p is offline
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Default Hello All

Hi everybody. I just registered here, and this looks like a great forum. Very professional and friendly. Keep up the great work
Im just an average city kid, currently i am attending the Rutgers University and my name is Sam. Just wanted to say hello to you
all i hope to have a great time here i guess
P. S.
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Old 04-08-2010, 06:32 PM
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Chris Sweetman Chris Sweetman is offline
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I have been collecting small scale toy cars almost since birth! Some of these I still have! Just love hunting for obsolete toys at UK toy fairs you never know what you find in those places! Would like to add some Tomica Vintage models to my collection. These are almost true scale models rather than toy cars. Now I feel this is the time for more British outline 1:64th scale models. Looking out for Lledo Vanguards 64th scale lorries.
Cheers Chris
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