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Old 03-28-2012, 11:30 PM
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Default Custom Euclid R85B Off Road Dump Truck

I bought this off road dump truck model without a dump bed for only a buck at a second-hand Goodwill Store. It was cast in the likeness of a Euclid R85B Off Road Dump Truck in 1/60 scale by Joy City Industries, Ltd.. With much research done to find a replacement bed and coming up completely empty, I decided the only way to ever get a bed on it was to build my own. Using various photos from the internet, I was able to get a general idea of the proportions, structure, design, etc. needed to construct a reasonable approximation of the real thing. I used cardboard from an Apple laptop computer packaging box, and thinner cardboard from a breakfast cereal box to form the basis of the unit. The hinge mechanism was made from a small, thin section of wood with cardboard supports and headed straight pins for the hinge pins. The two silver hydraulic lifts underneath the bed are from hollow, plastic q-tips fortified with toothpick inserts. A small paper clip wire holds both lifts to the bed via a wooden fastener which allows them to swivel. Hence, the dump bed is fairly fragile but, at least, functional. The project took about two weeks to complete. I wouldn't necessarily want to do another one for a while as it was difficult and challenging. But now the truck is complete except for, maybe, some weathering to the bed.

Thanks for looking...

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AFTER_____________________________________________ ___

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Old 03-29-2012, 10:28 AM
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wow, that looks fantastic, if you didn't tell me that the bed was cardboard i would not have believed it! excellent work!
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