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Old 04-18-2014, 04:58 PM
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Smile Matchbox King Size KW-Dart Dump Truck

Matchbox King Size KW-Dart Dump Truck

Reference number: K2 - this was the second model in the King Size range issued under K2 the first being the Muir Hill site dumper.

Scale: 1:96th

This toy truck was produced from 1964 to 1969. It comprises of a tractor unit and non-removable articulated dump body section. These along with the twin exhaust stack and twin air horns are made in die-cast zinc alloy. Plastic is used for the wheel hubs/tyres and green tinted windows. The dumper raises and lowers with a realistic 'hydraulic' tipping action. This is made possible by a pair of hydrosleeves either side of the dumper unit. This superb model was made in England at the famous Lesney factory in London. Illustrated in the 1964 Matchbox Collector's Catalogue as a new introduction and priced in the 1965 catalogue at 7/11.

The Dart Truck Company started in 1903. They built bonneted trucks in the 2 & 3 ton capacity until the late 1920's. Then at the start of the 1930's they expanded their range to produce trucks from 1.5 to 10 tons plus they added an articulated tractor unit. In 1958 they became part of the Pacific Car and Foundry Company (later known as Paccar Inc.) of Bellevue, Washington, USA with a change of name to KW-Dart. With this change of ownership production concentrated on heavy dump trucks. In 1970 the KW part of the title was dropped. From 1984 Dart has had a range of owners and is now absorbed into the Caterpillar group.

BTW Matchbox's version could be a D6430 75 to 85 tons capacity dump truck which is illustrated in a 1963 KW-Dart catalogue. Info from:


Now if it wasn't for Matchbox how many of us would have known the existence of KW-Dart? Matchbox could have chosen a KW-Dart rigid dump truck but decided to give us kids in the 1960's something a bit different.

Now for the pics:

Matchbox King Size KW-Dart Dump Truck 1 by Chris*4, on Flickr

Matchbox King Size KW-Dart Dump Truck 2 by Chris*4, on Flickr

Matchbox King Size KW-Dart Dump Truck 4 by Chris*4, on Flickr

Matchbox King Size KW-Dart Dump Truck 6 by Chris*4, on Flickr
Cheers Chris
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