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Old 09-23-2012, 04:00 PM
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Default Matchbox AEC 8-wheel tipper


Matchbox AEC Eight Wheel Tipper Lorry "Pointer" 1 by Chris*4, on Flickr

Matchbox AEC Eight Wheel Tipper Lorry "Pointer" 2 by Chris*4, on Flickr

Matchbox AEC Eight Wheel Tipper Lorry "Pointer" 3 by Chris*4, on Flickr

Matchbox AEC Eight Wheel Tipper Lorry "Pointer" 4 by Chris*4, on Flickr

Manufacturer: Lesney

Range: Matchbox 1-75's

Model: AEC 8-wheel Tipper Lorry

Reference number: 51

Scale: 1:92nd

Made in England

Released in: 1969

Withdrawn: 1972

Introduced in the first month of 1969 in "Douglas" livery. The next year this livery was changed to the "Pointer" one. Technically this model was an updated version of the Foden 8-wheel tipper lorry in ʻHoveringhamʼ livery. The AEC cab now featured windows and plated parts. However, both models had the same tipper body section. Utilising this part must of helped cut tooling costs. The tipping action was the same in both models too featuring Matchbox's "Hydrosleeve". This enabled the tipper body to be held in any position and replicated in miniature the hydraulic movement of a real tipper. In late 1970 the regular wheel version was replaced with one with ʻSuperfastʼ wheels. Eventually this fine model was replaced by a Citroen SM in 1972.

Leyland's new tilting cab debuted in 1964 and was praised for comfort and driver visibility.
Cheers Chris
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